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Phoenix Rising is the exciting and innovative rock/dance collaboration between Japanese psychedelic progressive jam-band ROVO and UK ambient techno pioneers System 7.

Phoenix Rising live is a combined show of Rovo and System 7 playing together, sometimes using the techno beats as the rhythmic basic and sometimes using the live drums, seamlessly morphing from one to the other - showcasing some of the most sophisticated blends of electronic beats and completely live playing ever produced, made possible by the skilled musicianship of eight players.

Fans of System 7's Steve Hillage can be assured that in the format of Phoenix Rising his masterful electric guitar style is fully unleashed, with extensive soloing and duets with the electric violin of Rovo's Yuji Katsui.

The full Phoenix Rising studio album is set for UK release on September 23rd 2013, featuring original collaborations from System 7 and ROVO. It also includes a new arrangement of Meeting of the Spirits by the Mahavishnu Orchestra – a perfect showcase for the album’s outstanding blend of guitar and electric violin.

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1. Hinotori (Album version) - (Steve Hillage / Miquette Giraudy)
2. Love for the Phoenix - (Steve Hillage / Miquette Giraudy)
3. Meeting of the Spirits - (John McLaughlin)
4. Cisco (Phoenix Rising version) - (Yuji Katsui)
5. Unbroken - (Steve Hillage / Miquette Giraudy)
6. Sino Dub (Phoenix Rising version) - (Seiichi Yamamoto)
7. Unseen Onsen - (Miquette Giraudy)

Produced by Steve Hillage and ROVO

Recorded at Green Bird Studio, Tokyo
System 7 Programming and Overdubs at A-Wave Studio, London
Mixed at Float, Tokyo

Mastered by Tatsuki Masuko at Float, Tokyo

Artwork images by Koji Morimoto